Computer help you can trust

We repair and service PC computers.


1. Build / Rebuild PC's

2. Upgrade / Updates              Systems and Software

3. Create CD's, DVD's                BluRays, MP3's &                  MP4's from Cassettes          and any previously              mentioned medium.

*     Inquiries welcome              about any services              not listed.

  • Online/Remote Services performed via the use of TeamViewer Professional.  With this tool most repairs and services can be accomplished without entering your home or place of business

  • There is not charge per time, no fee per hour.  All fees are determined of the job(s) to be completed.

NTRPRISE Computer Services

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Service 1

Computer Diagnostics and Repair via On-Site or Secure Online Remote


Service 2

Data backup and personal Video/Audio Picture transfer to/from Cassette, DVD, BluRay.


Service 3

The best part, FREE evaluation and all services are tax free.


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